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Swimming Pool Contrcating – Swimming Pool Maintenace Guide in Dubai

Hey Summer’s here, suppose you are expecting to build your dream swimming pool at your villa you might have many essential queries about the pool construction at your home, And we are here to assist you and take you through process of a Pool Construction easy, our passion is to keep you relaxed to your dream, which is just made for you and a few of your queries

Which is the best time of the year to Construct a pool?

As we are in Dubai almost all the months are good enough to go but must avoid December & January,

What is the duration to construct a pool?

No worries at all technology has gone too far on Building pools and It could take 5 to 14 weeks, it all depends the size, style, depth and shape of the pool could cause the duration of the construction, if there are water lines that needed to be rearranged, it could increase the time required for the construction, The preparations required for the construction, and to demolish the ground can make change in duration, In addition to it, the paper work and all the permissions from the authorities could affect the process even before beginning it.

How much does it cost to Construct a Pool?

Pool construction varies from Place-to-Place location-to-locations and size with any extra features, but in general, not more 50,000 AED for simple Pool which just a basic pool, though. 300,000AED with Heater and Chiller for climates, extra features like water paly, Lightings, Jets and Fountain.

Cost or estimate effects on while including the design, ground conditions, access, and extra features you add. Some of these aspects aren’t planned, though. If your dream pool includes reworking your backyard’s landscaping, that will add to the overall cost.

What are the new & Popular features that we can add to a Pool?

Just after we are done with the main plan of the pool, we could add the latest and popular features to make your pool look more cool, aesthetic, comfortable and a fun place to be, here are some of the latest features which includes, pacifying waterfalls, Cool LED colorful lights, and few benches.

And also the Baja Shelf, it is known to be a shallow area at one end of the pool which is helpful for adults to relax and sunbath, and also a great place for the kids to play with there toys, and also you might want to add and swim- up bar, and water slide, or decorative and colorful boulders to the pool

What are the common issues the Contractors face during the Construction?

Similar to any other major home upgrades and improvements, there’s always a situation where risks of issues appear throughout a pool construction, For instance, pool fitting, such as return jets or the skimmers are likely to leak as can the plumbing beneath the pool.

As well as Structural problems, such as fiberglass or concrete cracking, or other. Luckily, professional pool builders can quickly fasten or prevent these issues.

What is the procedure to Construct a Pool?

Once you agree with a company, you’ll plan about you dream pool design with the specific team. Some companies, will provide you a 3D rendering of the final view, And then, the contractor will pull permits so that they can begin the construction,

The team will then outline the shape on the location of the pool, and then begin to dig and fix the required steel, plumbing, and electrical. Then the concrete (or shotcrete, if you prefer) will be poured, includes by the addition of any tiles, decking and interior finish options. And finally, they would test the components and the water of the pool, and then your dream pool is ready to swim in.

Hope you got the answers you were expecting, please contact us for further more questions

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